Popsugar Reading Challenge: Book 40

Prompt: A book about a family

This month my book group is reading an advanced reader copy of The Death of Mungo Blackwell by Lauren H. Brandenburg. This book is all about family so it was a perfect fit for the prompt.

What it’s about?

The Price family, Charlie, his wife Velveteen and son Gideon live in a fancy city townhouse, go to fancy schools and spend their time socialising shopping. A mistake at work means Charlie is fired and the Prices are forced to sell up and start again.

They head to Coraloo, home town of the Blackwells. The Blackwells are an eccentric family with their own traditions including attending your own funerals before you die.

The Prices struggle to adapt to life away from the city and fitting in with their new neighbours. Will their search for simplicity be a success?

What I think?

I really enjoyed this book!

The characters are instantly engaging, particularly macaron throwing socialite Velveteen who is definitely not all she first seems. She is smarter, stronger and much more resilient than people give her credit.

The Blackwells, and the history of Mungo Blackwell, are quirky but kind. Their mis-adventure are funny and appealing.

The simplicity that the Prices seek is completely relatable. Charlie’s desire to find a job that can both provide for his family and give him personal gratification is something everyone can understand.

Shoes are used as a motif throughout the book – the characters are seeking the shoes that fit them best – bothbliterally and metaphorically. Finding what you really what value in life is the quest that all of the characters are on.

I’m really looking forward to discussing The Death of Mungo Blackwell with the rest of the group. And now I want to learn how to make macarons!

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