Library Fridays – Lots of Frogs

Lots of Frogs

By Howard Calvert and Claudia Boldt

Published by Hodder Children’s Books

Our first Library Fridays featured one of the Little Monster’s picks.

What it’s about?

It’s show and tell at school. Tommy Fox brings in a box. A box full of frogs. One quick sneeze and the lid pops of. Frogs hop all over the school causing havoc. Tommy has to catch the frogs before they do too much damage.

What we think:

The first time we opened this book we read it three times in a row! Always a sign of a great kids book. There’s lots of great rhyme, a counting section in the middle and so great vocabulary – “beserk” is a new favourite word.

The pictures of the frogs are cheeky and funny. The Little Monster’s favourite bit is when Tommy is trying to catch all the frogs and they keep frog ends up in toilet which is especially funny!

This is a great book and we’re going to read it lots more times before we have to return it.

If your little monster would like Lots of Frogs hop to:

Waterstone’s: click here click here

Lots of Frogs
Busy reading
The Little Monster’s favourite part

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