By Suzy Senior (author) and Claire Powell (illustrator)

Published by Little Tiger Press Group

Wednesday is a peek into the Little Monster’s little library and we thought we would start with a firm favourite.

The story of Octopants is pretty simple – the poor octopus is pantless. He has searched the ocean stores for pants but he just has too many legs. He’s close to giving up when he spots and Under Sea Emporium that just night have the answer. Will his blushes be spared?

This book jumped out at us in the store for the simple reason that it was blue and shiny and includes the word “pants”! All parents will know that the word “pants” causes absolute hilarity in toddler world!

The story is really cute. Lots of fantastic alliteration and beautiful illustrations. The under sea emporium fulfills all marine fashion fads and is the perfect shop to search for underwater underwear. We’ve read it dozens of times and we love shouting out the ending.

The Little Monster says… “I like it when he can’t find octopants because it’s funny.”

If you’re in the UK, you can buy Octopants from:

Waterstone’s: click here

Amazon.co.uk: click here

Ready for a bedtime story
The Little Monster’s favourite bit

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